Fuel Market provides integrated energy solutions to achieve cost savings for our clients and to improve the environment. The company leads the transition from conventional fuels to clean burning natural gas in the forms of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and others, for Mexico’s transportation sector:

  • Offering significant cost reduction to fleet-owners
  • Offering lower emissions, especially in metropolitan areas

To view or download an overview presentation of Fuel Market, click here.

Business Lines

The company offers customers an integrated proprietary turnkey solution that includes:

  • Financing through Mooba Approval Services and others
  • Natural gas procurement (feedstock)
  • Fuel supply (LNG & CNG, Synthetic Fuels from West Texas GTL, and others)
  • Fueling & Distribution
  • Sales (transportation and distribution equipment)
  • Conversion kits & installations
  • Insurance and warranties
  • Monitoring platform
  • Operations
  • Service & maintenance plan
  • Risk management, hedging, FX, and derivatives

Fuel Market is targeting an initial 2% market unit in fuel consumption of registered road vehicles - buses, taxis, long-haul trucks, patrol cars; mining & heavy equipment; and marine & rail industry consumption. 

  • Phase 1 of the business plan encompasses testing and contracting with several fleet-owners to convert existing fleet vehicles or sell new units totaling ~20,000 vehicles.  

  • Phase 2 includes market expansion into the marine, mining, agro-industry, and others as they become known and will also include supply expansion through building small-scale liquefaction facilities in strategic locations throughout Mexico.

Additional emerging fuel initiatives in development include hydrogen, electric, and synthetic fuels for the transportation sector. Fuel Market LP aims to incorporate a strategic or financial partner to support our anticipated growth.

Click HERE to view or download overview presentation of Fuel Market.